Queen Eleanor Pre-School

Queen Eleanor Road
Far Cotton

Welcome to Queen Eleanor Pre-School

Queen Eleanor Pre-School aims to provide a warm, secure and welcoming atmosphere where children are happy and develop socially, creatively and intellectually. The experienced pre-school staff have been chosen for their ability to encourage and support the children in a positive manner. Parents are always welcome at Queen Eleanor Pre-School, to share information about their child or to join us at one of our stay and play sessions. The Pre-School provides fun and challenging activities allowing the children to learn through play. The children will be encouraged to join in with these activities and will be supported by their key person who will observe and document your childs progress.

Learning Journal

Every child at Queen Eleanor Pre-School has their own Learning Journal which is a collection of photographs, drawings, paintings and observations which is a record of your childs progress and development through the Foundation Stage. They are kept up to date by the childs key person and the journals are freely available for parents to look at or take home to share with their family. Parents and carers are encouraged to share their photographs and comments in the back of the journal.

How can you help

There are many ways in which parents and carers can take part in making Queen Eleanor Pre-School a welcoming and stimulating place for the children, including:

  • Sharing special skills or hobbies with the children.
  • Helping with snack time.
  • Volunteer for local trips.
  • Show and Tell, bring in your pets to show us.
  • Story telling
  • Stay and Play sessions

Queen Eleanor Pre-School has Stay and Play sessions on Wednesdays where parents are invited to observe and join in with the play activities with their children. Parents will also have the opportunity to share information from home with their childs key person. You don't have to stay for the whole session, perhaps 10 minutes when dropping off your child. The children enjoy this special time and it gives you an opportunity to experience pre-school life from your childs perspective.


At the start of every term we produce a newsletter to keep you posted on the topics that we will be covering during the term.

Autumn second half 2018

The Newsletter will show the topics for each week of the term together with the resources that we will use